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In the end of August 2020, Couple of Chefz started as a means for us to share our journey as expats living in Finland. Our love for food and discovering new flavors from each other's cultures through home cooking was one of our first shared interests. 


As we began our journey as bloggers, we quickly discovered other passions as well. Our stories focus on expat life in Finland and adventures around the world.


From diving into learning about food styling to photography to polishing our story telling skills, we are self-taught, and our learning adventure continues each day! Our goal is to inspire you to live a healthy, adventurous life.

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Hello there, and nice to meet you! We are Kristaps and Megha, the couple behind Couple of Chefz. 

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Our friendship blossomed as we started to travel and explore Finland together. As traveling took a backseat during the pandemic, we realized we were spending more and more time in the kitchen! We started this blog by initially taking pictures of the food we were eating and sharing it with our family and friends. Before we knew it, we were spending all of our free time in the kitchen developing recipes and learning about food photography. Knowing that our passions go beyond food, we expanded our content to include fascinating stories of Nordic life and stories of our travels. Join us on this journey of discovery, self-development, and a healthy lifestyle. 



At the time we first met, we were both international graduate students from Latvia and India studying in Turku, Finland. Our first student apartments were quite tiny – only 18 square meters, including a small kitchenette. Having a small space to work with never stopped Kristaps from experimenting in the kitchen. I still remember how impressed I was when he used to invite me over for three course meal dinners. I mean, how can you prepare so much food in a kitchen that is roughly 3 square meters big?! Till this date, I’m not sure which I fell for first – Kristaps or his cooking skills!

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» One of us is messy in the kitchen while the other is extremely tidy, so we balance each other out.

» Megha is on a mission to make sure Kristaps falls in love with spicy food. The mission is going well, but the real test is surviving Asian street food.


» We can’t wait to travel the world! But because of the pandemic, we’ve only made it to 4 countries together so far (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, France). 

» We love amusement parks but we’re starting to get too old for them. But enjoy it while it lasts, am I right? 

» Before dating, Kristaps was confident Megha can’t cook. He was wrong, she just can’t clean. 

» We both want a golden retriever someday, but then again who doesn’t?