Irish Coffee - When AM meets PM

The first time we fell in love with Irish coffee was while we were vacationing in the Baltic states. We had more activities planned than we had time, resulting in a rather packed schedule. And what gives a better kick than coffee with the perfect dash of alcohol on a vacation?!

Since then we've experimented to find our favorite concoction for the food blog and immensely enjoyed the process! This recipe was our favorite pick because of how happy our friends were with this drink, and the simplicity of the drink itself. We hope this drink makes your day (or evening) and be sure to share your thoughts with us by comments or DM @couple_of_chefz.


For 1 drink, multiply proportion according to number of drinks

Piping hot black coffee (1 cup)

Brown sugar (2 tsp)

Irish whiskey (1 shot)

Double cream, slightly whipped


  1. Heat a tall glass by pouring boiling water in it. Keep the water for a couple of minutes to preheat the glass and pour the water away.

  2. Add sugar and coffee and stir til completely dissolved.

  3. Add whisky to the coffee and continue stirring.

  4. Using the back of a teaspoon (preferably cold), pour your slightly whipped cream over the surface of the coffee until you hit the rim of the glass.

  5. Mix everything well together, and top with additional whipped cream.

  6. Enjoy your hot drink with a kick!

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