Pre Workout Chia Cups

Chia seed puddings are well known for their health benefits. Whether it's a high fiber intake you're interested in, Omega-3, or protein, chia seeds have a LOT to offer! That's why we have started including chia puddings as a pre workout snack in our morning routine. I've never been a fan of eating a big snack right before the gym, so these chia cups are a good light snack if you want to feel energetic without feeling too full.

While only chia seeds can taste rather boring, there are numerous ways to make the chia cups more fun and flavorful. In this recipe, we explored the addition of strawberry puree and fresh berries on top. Thanks to the sweetness of the berries, these chia cups needed no additions like vanilla extract or maple syrup.


Ingredients for 1 chia pudding cup:

Chia seeds (3 tsp)

Almond milk (half cup)

Frozen strawberries (4-5)

Fresh strawberries (50 g)

Fresh blueberries (50g)

Crushed walnuts (25 g)


  1. Take chia seeds in a bowl and add almond milk. Whisk to combine.

  2. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes and observe the mixture thickening.

  3. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

  4. Enjoy as it is or add a layer of strawberry puree for some extra sweetness.

  5. Prepare the strawberry puree by blending frozen strawberries and water in a food processor.

  6. Top it off with berries of choice and add some crushed nuts for some additional crunch. Bon apetit!

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