Triple Layered Chia Pudding Cup

There was a time when I thought chia puddings are too boring for my taste buds. Then I discovered layered chia pudding cups and things were never the same anymore. While I'm sure many enjoy the classical chia pudding cups, I think the layers of the chia pudding add a lot of extra flavor. The layered pudding also allows you to mix and match your favorite ingredients. For now, we've experimented with fruit purees, sauces, and berries, and I can really see us experimenting with a variety of layers such as nuts and granola in near future.

Another thing to love about these chia pudding cups? They're healthy and super easy snacks to make! We often tend to snack on food that's not the healthiest choice. Snacks have personally been a big weakness for me, and in-between meals I automatically crave chips, chocolate and so on. Chia pudding cups are a much much healthier alternative to my usually unhealthy cravings. The nutrition dense snack is packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats. So, together, let's try to change our snacking habits, one snack at a time.

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Ingredients for 1 chia pudding cup:

Chia seeds (3 tsp)

Almond milk (half cup)

Frozen berry mix (50 g)

Fresh blueberries (50g)

Apple sauce (30g)


  1. Pour chia seeds in a bowl and add almond milk. Whisk to combine.

  2. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes and observe the mixture thickening.

  3. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

  4. When the chia mix is ready, prepare a strawberry and blueberry puree by blending frozen berry mix and water in a food processor.

  5. In a jar or a cup, add a layer of berry puree for the bottom layer.

  6. Add chia pudding layer and a layer of fruit sauce of your liking on top of it.

  7. Top it off with a fruit of your choice and ENJOY!

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